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Like all moths I have been drawn to an external light for most of my life, searching for something outside of me to fill my cup, to make me feel whole again. It has only been in the last year, after taking a huge leap of faith to create a new life, a life that I could feel calling me, did I realise that the light I was searching for was always within.
To get to this place it took some hard lessons, deep digging, sitting in stillness and going in to uncover all that had been under lock and key. My greatest teacher has been the earth or the Great Mother and all her creatures, through this connection I have come to the place that I call home, the place of shining my own light.

Here is some of the Aboriginal Dreamtime story of Myee, I now thank my mother for the blessing of this name and the message that it held.

Bogong Moth was once brightly coloured like the native wildflowers. Ignoring her husband’s advice, she went to explore the mysterious white mountain in the distance. As she neared her destination, snow fell, trapping her. Spring came and as the snow thawed, Myee the Bogong Moth was released. Taking flight, her bright and vibrant colours remained, soaking into the snow and earth, leaving her brown. Where this snow melted, beautiful spring flowers emerged.

What an image this story creates, leading to the question –
what beauty comes from something you might have lost or let go of?

As Myee the Bogong Moth journeyed new song lines, be prepared to take flight and explore unknown territory yourself! Following your heart has its risks. Or maybe you will unexpectedly change your colour, as our sister Bogong did. Or leave your mark – in many ways Bogong Moth is a symbol of artists as much as explorers. Life will certainly offer a challenge, will you accept?

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