I approach all my creative projects with an intuitive
spontaneity, allowing them to flow and unfold into a reflection of
my soul's connection and rhythm with the natural environment. 



When I paint it is my inner woman, It’s an expression of my freedom to be who I am. Instinctively wild and free - like the volcano that erupts with great force and also the ashes that fall to caress the earth like the gentle hands of a mother or a lover. Ever changing and not bound by rules, taken places by the whisper of the wind, the flow of a river or the power of the ocean.

For many years I let this part of me sit quiet hidden away from the world, conforming to society’s rules of woman. Undervaluing my gift and what I came to offer. We all have a calling and a gift and it speaks to us as children and in many cases, it gets lost or trodden on before it has the chance to flower. The gift is always there to be found and sometimes the hard road is what brings us back to this gift.

After many years of hiding from my creativity, although I was being creative I was not being vulnerable or honest in my creativity. My artwork is at the core of this. I chose many other creative endeavours before I came back to the place that I call home.

I still remember the beautiful words of a friend and you know in a lifetime you only get a special few that really see you and you see them. “Myee you are an artist, that is who you are” At the time those words were only half heard but they were held onto dearly and tightly waiting for the right moment when I would find my courage, power and self-love.

Abstract painting is what I am drawn to most and through this process, I feel like I become the channel, sometimes I may have a directors role and other times I just follow. Just like the ebb and flow of Mother Nature – Never fixed.
My paintings take on a life of their own and have a message for the viewer. We are instinctively drawn to what we need and artwork can help with this process whether it’s gently and subtly or whether it has the feeling of intense fire that is preparing for rebirth. Whatever the message it is true for you.

So here I am on my journey taking each moment as it comes and learning to share my gift and my beauty to the world.
With pleasure, I offer my love of creativity and the open and raw path that has created this.