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Sacred Circle Artwork

Forming of a scared circle 
There has been something I have been working on and processing for a while now, something that I have been intuitively guided to but have spent many hours in contemplation attempting to put all the pieces of the puzzle together before I shared any further.
The place that I have come to today is - Oh Myee just keep sharing! It will flow naturally like the great river of life, it will guide you each step of the way, throw perfection to the wind….
The pieces of the puzzle will never fully be assembled, we are works in progress, beautiful works in progress and sometimes we stop ourselves from experiencing fully and completely by wanting to know all the answers. The truth is the answers will never be found completely, they are not supposed to be, we live in the great mystery, the great unknown, a place of multi-dimensions and realities and what might be my beliefs is certainly not someone else's.
This week for me is about heating up that firey sword and slicing out anything that does not serve me anymore, searing closed old wounds ready to step forward into the next chapter of learning, adventure, love, joy, sharing and being present in life.
So back to what I have been working on and bringing to life - A place for sharing, a passing down of stories and ancient wisdom, creating a scared circle that empowers the feminine on this planet. A place where women can learn, touch into their creative abilities and sensual natures to become grounded within themselves and what they have to offer on this planet at this moment and moving forward.
The further I went into the process of how I would dream this vision into life, the more I realised that I didn't just want to share women's stories and women’s wisdom, I want to be part of a journey that helps create balance once again on this planet. To honour women and their wisdom we also need to honour men. We are here to guide each other, care for each other and hold sacred space. Like the beautiful and miraculous dance between man and woman that creates the life of another, we need to allow this beauty to spill out and overflow into all aspects of life and creation. The sacred union of man and woman once more, standing side by side as equals but also celebrated for their vast differences. Walking a path of raw and open truth, shared from a heart space, guiding the way for our children and future children still to be born.
So now what I thought I wanted to create has changed immensely as my perception and intuition has been honed. In the meantime, I will keep sharing my words as the process unfolds and I birth my vision into the material.

 A little something I wrote the other day on connection…..

 As we share our sacred hearts.

I share with you without words, I share with you my deep essence as you share with me yours. Behind the masks, beneath the layers peeled away, beyond life’s conditioning and free from my beliefs and yours.

 We stare into each other's eyes, two hearts unite seared in the sacred fire. Forming a connection of souls that is both piercing and gentle, creating the channel to the great spirit and the infinite universe.

 I am here with you as you are here with me, we are here together, to walk side by side and hand in hand sharing our gifts to the world.


Eternal Flame Artwork

This is a short film that a friend shared with me just after I had come to realise that my perception had completely shifted. I find it endlessly fascinating that when you align to your path things just fall right in front of you. Just like signposts for the journey ahead.



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