As the season’s come and they go, she is shedding skins, don’t you know….
Unfolding a breath at time, living life with her new found eyes.

Her touch has become more tender, her heart has opened and wept, light has caressed the shadow as she goes into her depths.

For she is not the same woman you once knew…..
Each layer reveals a little more, she stands in her mystery opening another door

Bird songs and naked flight are her new way, for she is dancing like a winged creature into each new day.

Acrylic on stretched canvas
Recycled Australian hardwood frame
105.5cm high x 207cm wide

Artwork that is going to remote areas may incur an additional charge if shipping is above standard rates. If you believe that you may be in a remote area and shipping usually costs more than standard rates you are welcome to email us at myee@myeeharlow.com.au to confirm before purchase.